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We make Math add up!



Unfortunately there is not one single test that proves if someone has Dyscalculia. The testing is complex and takes about a day. We put a lot emphasis on getting the diagnose correct and pinpoint the nature of the problems. This thorough approach helps to follow up with either a tutoring path or instructing parents and educators on how best to work on the math issues.



Dyscalculia requires a different style of tutoring than offered by the chain math tutor houses. The approach is in-depth  NOT based on rote learning and in most cases one on one.

From our base in Texas we can provide services to you locally or with the help of video conferencing tools. 



WIn many cases parents and educators would like to be able to handle their child or student's Dyscalculia themselves. We can help setup a program to tutor at home or in the classroom. We provide advice on materials tools and techniques and can even stay in contact for a period to monitor progress and adjust if necessary.

Next step

It all begins with you telling us what your needs are. Ask us a question, send us a message and let's talk!

Dr. Schreuder, Founder

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